ICS-West Dress Code
Navy-• Loose-fitting navy trousers, slacks, or capris – worn at the waist
• Solid navy jumpers, dresses, skorts, skirts and shorts – no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
• No jeans or jeggings, no exercise or legging-like pants.
• No ripped or intentionally-distressed pants
Red or Gray-ICSW Logo Optional • Red or Gray solid polo shirt, long- or short-sleeve. (Polo shirt means collared, three-button shirt, knit-type material – cotton or polyester/cotton blend.)
• Shirt-tails may not extend below fingertips
• Solid-colored shirt may be worn underneath polo shirt for warmth.
• ICS-West logo optional.
No Other Logos • No non-ICS logos permitted on any clothing.
Outerwear • Solid navy sweater, pullover, sweatshirt, or vest may be worn inside the building. No hoods.

Socks • Socks, tights or leggings underneath skirts or shorts may be worn and may be any color or design
• No intentionally-distressed tights and leggings.
Shoes • Closed-toe shoes, sneakers or boots — toes and heels must be covered.
• No sandals and no high heels of any kind.
Fitness • Solid navy sweatpants or yoga pants may be worn all day.
• Shorts or pants must be worn under skirt/jumper.
• Dress code polos still required.
• Athletic shoes/sneakers only.
Accessories • Stud earrings, not extending below or wrapping around ear lobe
• 1 watch or bracelet, 1 simple ring, 1 simple necklace tucked under shirt/blouse
• No hats
Field Trips • Students must remain in dress code for all trips unless otherwise indicated by the teacher due to nature of field trip.

Recess • Students will go outside in all weather, between 15° and 95°, including light rain and snow
• Rain coats and ponchos, no umbrellas
• Under 40°: winter coat, hat, gloves and neck warmers required.

Dress down days and/or spirit days may be announced during the school year.
School administrators will use their discretion to determine whether or not the clothing is appropriate for school. If the clothing is inappropriate or does not conform to the above expectations, the student will call home for a change of clothing and may lose future dress down privileges.

Parents of students in all grades may purchase red or gray solid polo shirts from any store or vendor they choose. (Please remember that school logos are optional for all students, but that shirts may not have any other logos outside the school logo.)

Shirts can be purchased with or without logos at Cramer’s Uniforms or Land’s End.
Logos can be added to any uniform-compliant shirt at Triple Play.

Cramer’s Uniforms:
West Philadelphia: 5226 Market St (inside Gallery for Learning) 215-238-1400
Center City: Gallery II, 3rd level – 215-238-1400
Northeast: 4533 Frankford Avenue – 215-743-0750

– Available for purchase at Cramer’s:
• Polos WITH or WITHOUT logos
• Other items (pants, skirts, jumpers, shorts, sweaters, etc.)

Triple Play
827 S 9th Street (at Christian St.)

You may bring any uniform-compliant shirt (red, gray polos) to Triple Play for logos.

Land’s End (online ordering):
School Number 9001-1654-2

-Available for purchase from Land’s End
• Polos WITH or WITHOUT logos
• Other items (pants, skirts, jumpers, shorts, sweaters, etc.)

Land’s End usually has a penny logo sale a few times per year. It’s worth looking out for if you wish to order ‘logo-wear.’